Wake up and Thrive

Episode 6 - How to create balance in your life as a mom

January 31, 2022 Bridget
Wake up and Thrive
Episode 6 - How to create balance in your life as a mom
Show Notes

We all want balance. Whether you are a mom and you work from home, outside the home, or are a stay- at- home mom; I know you crave a more balanced life. Balance is what creates calm and a sense of control. However, I believe the meaning of balance is misunderstood. Balance does not mean that we master giving 100% of our-self to our work, relationships, health, and home. It means that we acknowledge that balance is actually an illusion. Balance is a feeling that is created by knowing that life is unbalanced AND that's OK!

I want to give you THREE ways you can cultivate more balance in your life as a busy, multitasking mamma. I also am creating a free guide to help MAKE MORE TIME FOR MOMS. So, if you want more balance and/or time in your life, click the link below to stay connected.
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