Wake up and Thrive

Episode 5 - How to manage your experience when plans change

January 24, 2022 Episode 5
Wake up and Thrive
Episode 5 - How to manage your experience when plans change
Show Notes

We have all become experts this last year in managing life when plans change.  I hesitate to even make plans these days, because of the anxiety I feel knowing my pending plans will most likely change. I want to empower you to not just manage the actual details of the change, but actually control your experience of the change. Plans changing, due to sickness, weather, power outages, etc. really only cause as much overwhelm and stress as you THINK it does. Our thoughts can sustain us or derail us during a change in plans. I am going to show you how to get out of the 'shoulda, coulda, woulda' stories. 

I believe there are some really important steps to practice when our plans change, and the first two might surprise you. And I know, just because of the state of the world, we all will get lots of practice.  Grab a notepad to take some notes, and let's dive in to 4 steps on how to Manage your experience when plans change with more control and compassion for yourself and others.

Yes, plans changing can be a challenge, but it does not have to change YOU and who you are being in the present moment.

If you are walking through change in your life, big or small, sometimes it can feel like everything is stacked against you. I love walking beside moms and helping them navigate moments or seasons of change. If you want support and guidance along your journey, click the link below and set up a FREE discovery call today. Let's discover what it is that you actually want to be experiencing, and what has been stopping you. Whether we decide to work together or not, I guarantee you will walk away from the call with at least one action step you can start applying to your life right now!

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