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Ep-68 Extracting the Lessons in Each Season

October 23, 2023
Wake up and Thrive
Ep-68 Extracting the Lessons in Each Season
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Human beings experience seasons and this is such a normal AND necessary part of life.  I wish more people were talking about their winter seasons. Everyone wants to celebrate and glorify the spring season when the weather is beautiful and new life is emerging, but what about winter? I am currently in a winter season when it comes to my business, and I actually believe as long as you don't resist it this is an amazing season to be in! Tune into today's episode to learn what a winter season looks like, what I am doing to embrace it, and an overview of the other seasons you might be experiencing in your business, relationships, or life. 

Reflection Questions:

What season do you currently find yourself in? 

What are you doing to lean into it instead of resist it?

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Speaker 1:

Hi, my name is Bridget and I am so deeply honored to be your host here on Wake Up and Thrive. My intention for this space is to help women around the world live more awake, aligned and truly alive. I believe wholeheartedly that we are designed to live and experience the full range that life has to offer, and in doing so, we can live fully turned on in all areas. My story began with sobriety and has since been an initiation into rediscovering parts of myself that I forgot about or had abandoned. Learning to reclaim all of who I am is the greatest gift of living awake, and together we will go on a journey of helping you to do the same. You can expect to learn practical tools to help you connect deeper to yourself, your purpose and those in your life. All you need is an open heart and an open mind. So if you're ready, it's time. It's time to Wake Up and Thrive. Hello and welcome back to Wake Up and Thrive. Happy Monday to you all. I want to come in here today and talk to you about the four seasons that we typically move through in our life, in our relationship, in our business, in all the different areas of our life. I talk often on here about how women are cyclical and that's a normal part. That's by design, that's how we are all created. But human beings in general, male or female, we go through seasons. We all know this. But I still think oftentimes we find ourselves in a season and there's almost always one season that most of us don't want to be in and we want to rush ourselves through it. We just want it to end and we want to get back to when the weather's nice out, in what I like to call the spring season. And I'm talking about this today because I am currently finding myself in a winter season in my business, in my relationship, in my marriage, in my friendships. That feels very much like a spring to me, so it doesn't have to be across the board. I think if it is across the board, that's something to really look at and understand. Is this an actual season or is this something that I get to really look at and get support around moving through? I hope that makes sense. But when I say I'm in a winter season, what I mean by that is that I am real instead of doing, instead of launching and creating and showing up in my business consistently on Instagram. I am showing up consistently here, because that was my commitment to show up here until Christmas time and then re-evaluate, and that's what a winter season is. A winter season is really that time to re-evaluate, to re-evaluate what's important to you, to re-evaluate where you're going, and it's actually a really beautiful season. However, it is one that comes with the most resistance. So I want to speak to that, along with sort of touching base on what the other seasons might look like for you. And, again, this can be across the board in your life, but this is usually just like in an area right, in an area in your health, in an area in your relationship. No-transcript. And yeah, again, these seasons are by design and they all have their own purpose. So my intention for sharing this is so that you guys can really, first of all, evaluate what season you guys are in and understand and, sort of like, extract the value from each season. So, without further ado, let's jump in. I also want to say I actually am talking about this today because, again, I was finding myself in a winter season and I was like I just want to be reminded about how to embrace this, and so you know what I did I went back to wake up and thrive. Earlier episodes I posted an earlier episode in May about what to do when you're in a funk and if I could go back and rerecord that, I would call it a winter season, because it does definitely apply to what we normally call a funk. But what I now know, and me sort of like full circle being back in this winter season, I'm like, okay, I'm actually excited about this because I know what's on the other side of it. I know spring is coming and I don't fear this. I have complete trust in my business and what I'm here to do, and I know that this is a season that is being created for me. So let's start with the winter season. So what is a winter season? It's where you find yourself experiencing a lot. Oh and I should say caveat, I am teaching the seasonal model. This is definitely something I learned in my master coaching program called Elementum, so shout out to Elementum Institute. Those of you that are aspiring coaches, reach out to me if you want to check them out. I have a special code for you. But that being said, winter season. So a winter season is when you find yourself in really low energy. This might be the end of a chapter in a relationship or a job or a career. Maybe you did just have a really high action season and you're feeling the exhaustion of all of that. It is normal to feel a little depressed and hopeless, although I really do believe if more and more people understood this season and again go back and listen to my podcast what to Do when You're in a Funk, because it's the number one thing. I say it's a season, it's temporary, it's temporary and I think oftentimes our resistance to it is what causes the true feeling of depression. So there's a lot more less action on the outside, but there's a lot more introspection, so internal action that is taking place. So you could argue that you actually are doing something during the season. It's just more yeah, more internal, more reflection, introspection, all that sort of stuff. It is designed to be a season where you get to rediscover who you are and what matters the most to you. Right, and when you can realign to both of those, your vision in the next season will become so much more clear. So again, if you're hearing this and it could be in a winter season in your marriage, it could be in a winter season in your business, whatever it is for you lean into it, lean into it again. The dangers of the season are that most of us want to speed through it and Because of that, because it can be sort of uncomfortable, we can tend to distract ourselves a lot more in the season with scrolling. You know, alcohol, smoking, whatever it is for you shopping. I know that's why. I know that's one that a lot of you guys can relate to. So, and also, you know, recognizing the voice that creeps in. That is a lie, but that tells you you need to be doing more. And I'm noticing it. I'm noticing it for me specifically in my business. I Launched a great marriage group over the summer. These women there was 13 women in it. They had amazing results. They learned a lot right, and I have this eight week program called fully alive. I've had two rounds go through. It's amazing. Any business coach would look at me and go what are you doing? Like you are having so much momentum, what the heck? And I would say you know what? My business is just a part of my life. There's so much more going on right. I've shared about, about this with you guys. We just not just moved houses, but I moved out of a very toxic environment and and still Didn't even quite realize how much I was in such a freeze Response. I was in such a like Activated response all the time in my old neighborhood and I don't think I really realized that Until I'm now really embracing, like, oh my gosh, this is what it feels good, this is what it feels like to feel safe in your home, to feel like you can go outside and feel good right. So that plays a huge role in why I am most likely in a winter season right now and that's important. So we really need to zoom out and sort of look at the bigger picture and Trust it. Because, again, if I was looking at what the business gurus were saying, you know I also I had a. I had a real go viral, a real about me and my husband. It was like 1.9 million views, which I don't really pay attention to that. But, but what I will say, the reason I paid attention to it is because I had a thousand new people come to my page. Amazing, I love the momentum my business was getting and you know what? I am not here to make thousands and thousands and millions and millions of dollars and Impact hundreds and hundreds. I am after the one I really am. I am, after that, one woman who Just isn't enjoying her life, but she knows she has a good life. That's who I want to talk to and that's where my focus is on, and I can't help her if I'm not, first of all, embodying the work I teach. Second of all, really filling up in the season so that when spring comes back, I'm ready to go right. Just think of nature in general, like the, the animals that hibernate, you know the, the literally like the snow that falls on the ground. All of this is by design and it is preparing the soil for spring to come. So what do you do during this season? Again, if you don't know your values? I take my clients through a core value exercise. I can't start there. It is so, so important. If you are a mom, I have a free ebook that you can grab, where I shall actually link it in the bottom, where you can actually grab that and Go through an exercise to find your values. Find your values and then take inventory of your life. Where am I, am I really aligned with my values and where do I really need to clean some of this up? And so I'm gonna end this talk on this season and just ask you guys a reflective question of is. Anything that I'm talking about is do you notice that you also are in a winter season in some area of your life? And I understand, for for some of you you can't put a pause on what you're doing, but you can still be in a winter and you can still understand that you're not gonna be at 100% during this season and that's okay. It is okay, I promise you. And so the question is do you wear where in your life Do you notice that you're in a winter season? And then asking yourself Am I honoring it or am I resisting it? And if the answer is resisting, this is your invitation to really allow yourself to just be in this season. Okay, you can still take some action, you can still continue to move that needle forward a little bit, depending on your goal, but honoring that it's not going to look like it might look in the next season. Okay, so the next season is spring, and spring is that high energy season and that is where you want to take a lot of action. That is where I would always recommend, you know, making those investments, because I'm telling you, a lot of people will come to me in winter, but they don't, they're not ready to quite make that investment. And then they get to spring and it's like they forgot what winter was like. So they're like I don't need, I don't need support. I'm like feeling great, I'm going to take action, action, action. And the truth is this is actually a perfect time to get support, when you are feeling that high energy and good vibes and all of that, so that you can get support throughout all four of the seasons, if that makes any sense. But yeah, you are just like head down in work mode and with that you can also experience fear of failure, insecurity and inadequacy, wanting to sort of like run back to the comfort of being in a winter season and so just just owning that, owning that that's part of the spring season and that you're not doing anything wrong. Okay, so summer, summer is like high to sort of mid energy. Your energy is kind of waning a little bit. This is actually the time where most, most of your hard work in the spring has come to fruition, whether it's in your business or in your home or in your relationships, and the invitation here is to truly, truly, truly honor and celebrate your successes. I think oftentimes and I sort of experienced this in my business when we are taking a lot of action and we're having a lot of success and momentum, we sort of are like, okay, now what, what's the next thing? And we don't actually take the time to just be in what we created, be in celebration of that. And then the final season is fall, and this is where you'll find, like your energy is sort of you're at the mid to low point. This is a season that again, remember, you're preparing for winter. So it's really a time to tie up loose ends. It's a time to yeah, I almost sort of think of like moms, like right before the school year is about to end to me, even though that's like, technically, the spring time, it can. That's what a fall is like. A fall is like, okay, kids are coming, everything's gonna have to shift. I need to like tie up loose ends. I need to get any house projects done. That I need to get done, you know, set up any routines like that sort of thing. And then summer comes. Outside it's the summer, but inside for a lot of women and moms, it's kind of the time to sort of put a pause on taking action and doing all the things and just sort of be present at Home and at the kit with the kids and just, yeah, I mean. So I loved this description of fall. Fall is sort of a split between the ego and the soul. The ego wants more spring and summer, but the soul knows she is craving a winter and to me that's fall. It's like, on the one hand, you've just come off this season of taking a lot of action and celebrating all the fruits of that action, so you're like, oh, that felt really good. Should I be doing more? But you're like, oh, my god, I just I want rest, I want a Break, I want to slow down, right, so that's really the fall season, and if you can sort of honor that, then what you get to really do is plan and prepare For winter, set yourself up to have space, like I said, complete projects, set yourself up for space, time and resources to really be able to fully, fully, fully lean into the winter and, yeah, so those are the four seasons winter, spring, summer, fall. Each one presents both such a gift and then their own challenges, right? Oh, I didn't mention the challenges in fall. Well, no, I did the the challenges and falls. Really that that's split, like you feel like you want to keep going and taking action, but you know what your heart is really desiring. So, yeah, each one of those. I know that was a lot of information. Hopefully you guys can go back and re-listen. But Come back to this over and over and over again and again. I'll ask some more reflective questions. If you're not in a winter, where are you finding yourself? Do you find yourself mostly in a spring right now? Um, wanting to create, wanting to take action, wanting to expand your vision for your life, your relationships, your business, your health. Do you find yourself in a summer where it's like you just did a lot of work? Right, maybe you moved I have one of my, one of my favorite people on here that checks in every now and then Just made a move across the country. Maybe you're in the space of like, just being there, just really being present to where you are right now. It was a lot of work to get there You've been thinking about I hope she's listening because this is for her she's been thinking about this third chapter in her life retirement for years now. Right, this is your permission to just Celebrate what you created and be there, or maybe you're in a fall. Maybe you are in a fall where you're like I don't know what the season is. This feels really weird. I'm feeling like this pull between action and rest. Understand that, yes, exactly right, winter might be coming and it's a beautiful season, you guys, it doesn't have to last forever. Nothing ever does. But lean into it is the biggest encouragement and invitation I can give you right now, because I promise you there's gold in every season, no matter where you are. And if you are currently finding yourself in one season and just wishing you were in another season, you are A going to make yourself miserable. B the resistance what you resist persists, it's true. So the season you don't want to be in will last a lot longer. So I plan to be completely transparent with you guys. I plan to, yeah, just be like an open book and let you guys know how I'm sort of navigating this. Again, one thing I think I also want, and when I am in a winter season in some area of my life, my default is to isolate and to withdraw, and even as I'm describing a winter season, that makes sense, right, we typically go into hibernation, but the encouragement here is to stay connected, keep your feet dipped in the water, your toes dipped in the water, you can still start to take a little bit of action in some way, whatever that looks like for you. It might not be the big robust action you would have in a spring, but you can still do stuff. So for me, I'm staying connected to my coach friends. They really, first of all, recognize what season I'm in and totally honor it, which is such a beautiful gift to have. And I'm also relishing in the other areas of my life that I'm not in a winter season. My marriage all is on fire and that to me, feels like a summer. Right now. I am enjoying the fruits of all of the work that we've done right now and I know it won't last. I know we'll probably be in another winter season at some point, but I know what to do there. Right, I don't need to make it mean anything is wrong or I'm doing something wrong. I get to really just lean in and, yeah, extract the lessons that are available for me. So, all right, y'all wishing you so much love, sending you all so much love and hoping you guys have a great week. Please reach out if you have any other questions on sort of what you can do in your own current season and yeah, I'll see you all next week. That wraps up this episode today. I hope you learned something new and or are able to take away a fresh perspective to apply to the moments in your life. Remember to rate the podcast, share it with someone you love or leave a review. I'm always grateful for your time and I'm always rooting for you to wake up and thrive. I'll see you guys next week.

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