Wake up and Thrive

EP 65- Embrace Change and Unlock Your Potential with Find Her Wild Coaching

June 26, 2023 Bridget
Wake up and Thrive
EP 65- Embrace Change and Unlock Your Potential with Find Her Wild Coaching
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Find Her Wild Coaching empowers women to take full responsibility for their own experiences and discover the tools they need to create unshakable trust and safety within themselves. We do this by learning to connect to yourself, your purpose, and those in your life.

Whether you're interested in one-on-one coaching or my signature eight-week program, Fully Alive, I'm committed to providing a high-touch experience for my clients. Fully Alive is a reflection of my journey over the last five years, and I am so proud of how this program is changing lives.  So, join me in this episode to learn more about Find Her Wild Coaching, and how you too can empower yourself to create a life that feels wildly turned on.

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Speaker 1:

Hi, my name is Bridget and welcome to my podcast, wake Up and Drive. I wear a lot of hats, but the ones I'm most proud of are being a sober mom to my four kids, a wife to my best friend, a forever student of life, a registered nurse and a certified life coach. You can usually find me planning and enjoying quality moments with those I love or coaching women on how to do the same. All of our lives are made up of tiny moments, both beautiful and messy. I know we all want more feel good moments, but I believe it's the ones that challenge us that become the catalyst for our growth. That's what we do in this space. We explore everyday moments that we deem hardest and, instead of allowing them to keep us stuck, we lean into their lessons and let them wake us up. So if you're ready and willing, i'd love to invite you to come along. All you need is an open mind. It's time. It's time to Wake Up and Drive Good morning, happy Monday.

Speaker 2:

Welcome back to Wake Up and Drive. I am recording this episode early, so if I sound tired, i am, but I've got my morning coffee, i am ready to go And actually I'm happy to report. Ever since Dr Satheer Tapudi came on my podcast a few episodes before, i have been waking up and doing my celery juice first and then waiting about a half hour and doing my coffee, and it's been really good. I've had to. My system has only tolerated me doing it every other day. But if you don't know what I'm talking about, celery juice it shifts the acidity of your stomach acid before you have coffee and what I have noticed is that I'm not as jittery And I'm definitely honestly, probably don't even need the coffee after the celery juice. I definitely feel more awake. So just a fun little tidbit for something I've been practicing in my morning routine and it's definitely something I've gotten from my podcast. So and that's my hope in prayer, honestly, is that you don't just come and listen because, for the sake of your board and it'll pass time, i really want this podcast to be impactful for you. I really want you guys to take something away and apply it to your life and notice the shifts, even if we never ever work together in a coaching partnership. I started this podcast two years ago because that was my hope. I wanted to be able to reach the people that maybe didn't have the time, energy or money for coaching, but still wanted support. So my ask for you guys this morning is that you would continue to support me and my work in allowing me to keep showing up, and the way that you can do that is by subscribing to the podcast so that I know that it is effective, rate and review specific episodes that you guys really like, so that I can take that content and create more content around those topics. I've said this before and I'll say it again the podcasting world is so fun, but it also can be incredibly lonely because I never know what's landing, i never know who's listening. So please, please, please help a sister out And if you're on social media and you really like an episode, would you tag me? Would you share it on there and tag me so that I can connect with you? And yeah, just see, just celebrate you and also share it on my socials and just see if there's any support that maybe you need in another area. So with all that let's jump into today's episode. So this episode is going to be the last one. I was supposed to have an interview, but I've decided to just save those interviews for the fall, because I am actually. One of the interviews is specifically related to a new journey that I will be embarking on, a new I guess you can call it value add that I will be trained in come September And it's something that I'll be able to offer to my clients. So stay tuned more to come on that But I'm going to share that specific interview in the fall, and today what I thought I would do is just end the summer. I'm going to. You can still come back every Monday. There will be a new episode. But the new episode will actually be one of my older ones. I'm going to repurpose it and republish it for you Because I know that I do have quite a few new listeners. So I thought that would be a really good way of going back and just sharing some of the more popular episodes out there. But if you guys do follow me on social media, if you're on my email list, you know that my business has sort of shifted over the years And most recently I completely rebranded to from think and thrive coaching to find her wild coaching. And I have never felt more clarity and confidence in my business. And it's so funny because I'm part of a B&I, which is a business networking group here in my town, and I recently had a one to one with a gentleman in there who met me when I was working under think and thrive And then most recently we had another phone call And he actually reflected back to me the same thing I'm saying to you. He reflected back to me the clarity and the confidence that he's hearing in who I serve, how I help them get there. And so that was just. I don't know if you guys don't have people in your life that can give you that clear mirroring or that clear reflection. Find a different group or find a coach or find a good friend, but it's really, really validating to just say it's really validating to be able to hear recognition. Right, that's one thing. Everybody loves recognition. I was just talking about this in one of my groups. That's not always a bad thing to enjoy recognition, but it's really freaking powerful when that outside recognition matches the way that you feel internally. Right, if you're getting recognition outside and you're like surprised by it. That's just an indication of the dissonance, the disconnection and the misalignment and some more work that you get to do. But in this case it completely matched how I feel And so I thought in this episode I've been putting out some new groups and I thought I would just tie it all up into a nice little bow and share the three pillars of find her wild coaching. So those of you that know me in real life outside of podcasting world the title of my business it just fits me. I am literally wild. I always have been, since the day I was born. I'm the wild child in my family, so the name fits me, but the meaning it means something a little bit different. So find her wild coaching came about because, first of all, i did something wild a few months ago and got a tattoo for one of my favorite poems, my favorite sayings leave her wild. So I have my kids wild flowers on my arm with leave her wild underneath, so I like quite literally branded myself with my brand. But I did that first And then when I was thinking of changing from think and thrive to something else. The reason I did that was because I recognized along my journey that it was so much more than just changing my thinking. So much more, in fact. When I just started doing mindset work, what happened was is it actually kept me more in my head, which was the problem to begin with. So as I started to learn embodiment work and somatic work and really getting out of my head and into my body which is a huge bulk of what I do with women I recognized that, slowly but surely right. The changes were very, very subtle, but slowly but surely, as I look back at my life five years ago and my life today, it's the same. On paper it's the same. You know, besides my coaching business, i wasn't a coach five years ago But honestly, that's not the one thing that is creating all this joy in my life. It's a big part of it. But truthfully, my life on paper looks the same Same husband, same neighborhood, same house, same kids, right, same job. I'm still working in the hospital, but inside I just feel wildly different. I feel wildly turned on by life again. I know how to protect my energy. I know how to. I have so much more self-awareness around my experience. So it's just been really, really cool. And if I could summarize in one sentence what happened, it really was learning how to get out of my head, learning how to get back into my body and connect with my heart, which houses my desires, and just stripping away all of the stories that live in our head, all of the junk that was trying to put me in a box, label me, say I needed to show up in a certain way, and it really find her wild allowed me to get back to who I am, who I've always been at the core, and that's the big mission behind find her wild. I want to help more women create a life that they're not just living, or obviously not surviving, but even that they're not just thriving. I want them to truly be loving the life that they're living. And so, in order to do that, this is where my three pillars come in. One of my core values is connection, and so I help women do three things. I help them connect to themselves, connect to them their purpose and connect to others, and so let's talk about each pillar. The first pillar, connecting to themselves. I do that by, first and foremost, helping women understand and take 100% responsibility for your experience. We're not taking responsibility for what other people say and do, but really what I have found, the more clients I work with is because when I'm like immersed in this work, it's really easy to think everybody knows this, but they don't. We're not taught this And unless you are intentionally seeking out people that are in this work the majority of people walking around I promise you the majority of relationships you currently have they are not awake, and what I mean by that. That's why this podcast is called Wake Up and Thrive They are not. They do not have a full understanding, nor are they taking responsibility for their experience. Most women I meet and I work I don't just work with moms, but I seem to attract a lot of moms and a lot of married women And they take the role of martyr. They're a murdered mom, they're a murdered wife, right Like life is happening to them. They are totally stuck in victim And that's okay. I really have the tools to help them feel empowered again. I help women learn how to get out of their head and truly get into their body. So this will help you relieve anxiety, relieve overwhelm, honestly get over. I worked with one woman that had a severe, severe phobia And, just by the nature of the work that I'm trained in, i'm trauma informed. I am trained in somatics. So, yeah, that's actually probably one of my favorite parts is learning learning to teaching women how to get out of their head. Another way I help them connect to themselves. we absolutely create habits that help you steward your energy. But again, many women will come to me to either they want to start working out again, they want to lose weight, but almost always that's just covering up what's the real problem. So once we actually do the work to get out of your head and into your body, understand and take responsibility for your energy, creating those habits actually becomes really easy. So that's my approach. I also help women discover and meet their own needs. Many women don't even know what it is that they want or need, but they're expecting the world to know Right. So we do a lot of self discovery there. And then, finally, helping women create unshakable trust and safety within yourself and your work, within yourself and what you say you're going to do. So the reason most of my coaching programs are packages or containers is because, unlike therapy, i don't know if you've ever gone to therapy you've gone into a session and then maybe they've given you some homework or some reflection questions or maybe something hard has come up. It's really easy to just I know I have actually done this multiple times It's really easy to just be like I don't want to go there, i'm not going back. But in coaching, when you've invested in a package or a container, i get to really support and guide you through the self sabotaging pattern that almost always, it inevitably shows up in any buddy's path to creating a new habit or a new behavior or a new pattern. Their self sabotage is part of the process, and so having a coach that A understands that right and doesn't take offense to it or think you're not, doesn't buy into the belief that you're just not showing up, and B actually has the tools to help you move through that, that's how you create unshakable trust. So, yeah, that's how I help women connect to themselves. The second pillar is connecting to your purpose, and I love this because the first thing is really understanding what your purpose truly means. Many of us think the purpose, our purpose, is only found in what we do, so in what we create. Or maybe it's like we're in a job that's not a job that lights us up, or it's not a job that we absolutely love, and so we've decided we're not living our purpose, and actually that's not always the case. Sometimes it is, but there's a way to connect to your purpose, no matter what you're doing. So it's understanding what your purpose truly is and then discovering your core purpose values. So this is a really really important aspect of it. Many women know, you know, like, yeah, family is important, but what about? family is important? Is it that connection, is it the presence, is it the safety that family provides? Like what? what is the core value? So understanding your core values is so important. I'll probably do a whole new episode on that, but I have a really unique way of helping you discover your values. Along with this pillar, i help women remember what lights them up and then have fun again. This is a huge value of mine is fun and adventure, and so in all of my programs we are having fun, which is really fun. And then the third pillar. The third pillar is connecting to others. So in this pillar, i help women learn to feel love and present again with their people. Oftentimes because this was my story and I've shared this before I knew I had a great life, i knew I had a great partner, but I didn't actually feel the love and connection I wanted, right. So I just recently hosted a mini marriage course which again I might I might be rerunning I'm going to see how it goes. But so far the women are loving it and they're already getting so many ahas just from one call. But a lot of what we're doing in there is just helping them get out of their head, helping them actually connect to where they feel love. Many of us are trying to feel good about our partners or our friends or a mother or mother-in-law by changing our stories, which is fine. Like reframing your stories absolutely helps. But if you're not connected to your body, it doesn't matter how positive you see them Right, it doesn't matter how much you change your story, if you're not connected from the neck down, you're not going to feel it Right. I go back to the saying if you want to feel better, you have to learn to feel again. So again you can kind of see like there's a common thread in all three pillars. But it's my favorite part of my coaching because it's not just working with the stories. We're actually looking and working to rewire the nervous system so that you can feel what you want to feel again. I've had this experience in my marriage, had this experience with my kids. I've talked before about my journey with friendships. All of this is related And this is all things that I help women do. Along with this pillar, i also help women communicate in a way that creates connection, and a recent review that came in on my eight-week program, which I'll talk about in a minute, is the communication framework that I teach. It was something that was taught to me in my coaching program And it is like a whole new, different language to talk to people. It is crazy that we don't talk this way, because it makes so much sense And it takes out the ego. First of all, it helps you really connect to your heart and communicate your heart. So you're communicating in a way that creates connection, instead of putting the other person on the defense or, yeah, just just kind of repelling them, if you will, which is what I find most of us, that's the way most of us communicate, because that's the way we're taught. And then, finally, i Help women understand their triggers and how to move through them. I created a three-step process to really move through your triggers, and it's something I'm really proud of that I created and I love to teach triggers because, for me, again, i work, worked with a mindset coach for a really long time and I came up against a trigger and she wasn't trauma-informed, she didn't have any tools to get me into my body and You know that was a huge disservice to me. It wasn't until I worked with my feminine embodiment mentor, brandy Fano She's been on this podcast before. She really helped me understand that my triggers are mine and they're coming up in my body. So I have to, first of all, be in my body, but second of all, i get to look at the trigger and really Understand a whole new level of healing, find a whole new level of healing. So I love love. When women come to me and they're triggered And they're like, no, this is not a good thing, i'm like, yes, it is, let's just, let's go with it. So, yeah, that is, find her wild coaching. I help women connect to herself, her purpose, and to the people in her life and To me. when you can have that connection to all three, you will truly, truly Feel fully alive, which is the name of my signature eight-week program, and you will feel the joy That you are craving. It doesn't come from something outside of you, it really comes inside And I believe, i believe these pillars Create that. You know it has for me and it has for my clients. So let me briefly just describe kind of how you can work with me and what I offer Surrounding these pillars. So the first way to work with me is in my one-on-one program discovering you, and that is a four-month program Or four-month container, i should say, and we are going deep in that program. That is really for the one that wants to maybe move past trauma. Maybe you've tried therapy, maybe even you've worked with another coach that just sort of had mindset tools But you're still not feeling the shift. So my one-on-one program might be for you if you know that you are the quote-unquote problem. But you're you're. You're still not able to create the habits that you want, take the actions that you want. You're finding yourself in the same default patterns with the people in your life. Definitely you can apply for one-to-one and I'm gonna drop the link in the show notes. But the cool thing about one-to-one right now is that my prices are going up in September but I am taking Two more women starting in August. So you can, you can apply now. We can start to get started. There's a pay-in full and some payment plans available as well. But it's a really, really cool program. The women in my one-on-one program feel like Holy crap. I've never felt fully fully supported, because you're getting support not just on our calls But in between calls and I'm so passionate about this work that it is just a really really high touch experience. So that's the one way to work with me. The other way is my signature eight-week program fully alive. I have now run it twice and I will be opening up the doors in August as well For the third round. So I'm gonna drop the waitlist. You can get on your way on the waitlist now. Again, you're not committing to the program. It's just a really good way to get bonus discounts and early registration. I like to keep that group pretty small and intimate And we have a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun I'm really really proud of. Fully alive to me is a reflection of my journey over the last five years and I don't want it to take five years for you to have the same experience that I am currently living. So I've really kind of looked back over my journey and excavated the tools that really really made sense and I put them in my through. I'm teaching them in my own way and I've put them through a process that it You won't, you can't help, but like it, it'll just click. It clicks differently in this program because of how I introduce everything, and fully alive is all about meeting all the different parts of ourselves and Bringing our full self to our life so that you can feel life. We want to, we want to feel good in life, but a lot of us aren't willing to feel the other parts of life. So in fully alive, together with a container of women, we meet all parts of ourselves and we go really deep. There is some really hard weeks and then there's a lot of fun weeks, especially the last two weeks. Those are my absolute fun weeks. We have really fun exercises and, yeah, it's just a really cool program. So I'm gonna drop the wait list there. You can get on that. And then, finally, the connect to others. Well, and the last thing I'll say about fully alive is fully alive hits all three pillars Connect to yourself, connect to your purpose, connect to others and I would say my one-to-one does as well. So you can really, you know, if you're, if you're listening and you're like, oh yeah, i need that, you can think of. You can choose between one-to-one or fully alive, and I do think you will get the same Tools. it really just depends on where you are in your journey. And then, of course, i will be hosting many courses, many groups. Like I said, currently I'm running a marriage group right now. I may run that again. I'm considering running one for creating the friendships that you desire, because that was a big part of my journey. So, yeah, we are. Yeah, find her wild. Coaching is growing and I'm so grateful for this work. I'm so freaking grateful that this is what I get to call work. It's just such an honor to witness another woman's journey. It's such an honor that they trust me enough to go deep. Yeah, so I will say the last thing that most women have said about me and my coaching style is like it's so easy to be open. It's so easy to actually go to the places, talk about the shame stories and the deep-rooted trauma that they know is there but they really haven't felt comfortable to look at. It's really easy to do that with me because I think honestly, just because of my energy and because I don't know how to be anything but who I am, i really don't. I don't have a filter. I'm cuss. We laugh, i am just. I am totally authentically me. Whether you meet me on Zoom or you meet me in person, it's the same, bridget, and I'm really proud of that, because that wasn't always the case. But I think when you are in the presence of that, you can't help but want to crack wide open and look at the areas in your life that are keeping you back, but you just haven't felt safe enough to go there. So that is what my work is all about. It's about helping you come back into that deep connection, first with yourself, then with your purpose in this world and then to others. I really, really believe our relationship with ourself is our first and foremost longest standing relationship. So we have to go there first. But then the fact that that gets to spill over and I can actually help and assist you in your relationships with others, in my opinion it just makes find her wild coaching one of the most holistic coaching programs out there. So come and coach with me. I just absolutely love it. But I don't work with everybody. I am pretty specific on who I guide and support. I want to make sure it's a good fit for not just me, but also for you. So you can apply below if you want to be one of my one-on-one clients in August, before my prices go up. You can get on the wait list for fully alive and also you can grab one of my freebies and just get on my email list so that you'll be in the know if I'm creating any new groups coming up. So let me take a deep breath. So, yeah, okay. Well, this is going to be, like I said, my last episode for the summer. I will be back in August with some new episodes, new interviews, and I'm really, really excited. I know I'm going to miss you guys, but I'm super pumped to take the month of July off. We have a few trips planned and I'm just going to be with my kids, be at home, be in a lot of play And, yeah, just slow things down a little bit. But, like I said, you can look for a new episode every Monday. I will be repurposing one of my old popular episodes And, again, if there's something specific that you hear on this that you like or is really resonating, share it. Please help me get this word out, help support this podcast or even send me a message and let me know what you're learning. So I love you guys, i'm rooting for you and we'll see you guys soon.

Speaker 1:

That wraps up this episode today. I hope you learned something new and or are able to take away a fresh perspective to apply to the moments in your life. Remember to rate the podcast, share it with someone you love or leave a review. I'm always grateful for your time and I'm always rooting for you to wake up and thrive. I'll see you guys next week.

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