Wake up and Thrive

EP 55- Let's Talk About Mom Rage

April 17, 2023 Emilie Delworth
Wake up and Thrive
EP 55- Let's Talk About Mom Rage
Show Notes

Are you a mom and do you experience anger or feeling out of control?

Do you know that you are not alone in experiencing this AND nothing is wrong with you? You just have not been taught what anger is and how to move through it in a healthy way.

That is what we are discussing in this week's episode.

I have such a powerful and honest conversation with my friend Emilie. She is an author and a coach for moms dealing with addictions and/or trauma. She shares how her journey in motherhood brought out anger which prompted her to seek healthier tools. She found Somatics, the art of working with the soma or body as a healthy way of understanding and regulating her anger. Many moms experience so much shame around the anger they can feel in motherhood. You are not alone, and it also doesn't have to be as intense as you are probably experiencing. Emilie provides such a calm and nonjudgmental space to bring awareness, compassion, and curiosity to this experience that so many moms face. Tune in for some helpful tips to move through anger and a better understanding of what your anger is trying to teach you.

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Instagram handle is @the.peaceful.mother
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