Wake up and Thrive

Ep 53- Enhancing Creativity Using Our Feminine Power w Logan Orihuela

April 03, 2023
Wake up and Thrive
Ep 53- Enhancing Creativity Using Our Feminine Power w Logan Orihuela
Show Notes

My guest today is Logan Orihuela, and she is the creative director of Wyld Branding Co.  Logan is the visionary behind my new brand Find Her Wild Coaching. She has this unique ability and gift to take your vision and make it come to life through visual representations. If you own your own business check out Logan's creative genius and I highly recommend her for your next project.

Logan also specializes in womb work for brand expansion & creative expression. The womb is the ultimate power source for wombyn, and the key to living life as our most sovereign, embodied, & expressed selves. Logan helps wombyn & entrepreneurs reconnect to themselves, their wombs, & their bodies for an amplified experience of personal power, self-expression, & abundance.

In our conversation today, we are talking all about feminine embodiment when it comes to creating anything in this life.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or not we, as women, are innate creators. We are capable of birthing and creating life, ideas, businesses, and so much more. Creativity is something I believe every woman needs to tap into in order to feel fulfilled in this life.  Tune into this week's episode as we break down what it really looks like to lead and create from your feminine energy! This conversation was so powerful.  know you will walk away with a better understanding of how to balance both your own internal masculine and feminine energy, as well as leaning into your feminine energy in order to create the life you want!

Connect with Logan and/or check out her newest program below:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/wyldbranding.co/

Wellspring: https://logan-orihuela-2d3b.mykajabi.com/wellspring


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