Wake up and Thrive

Ep 50- Reclaiming Your Voice with Bek Antonucci

March 06, 2023 Bek Antonucci Episode 50
Wake up and Thrive
Ep 50- Reclaiming Your Voice with Bek Antonucci
Show Notes

I am so honored to introduce this week's guest to all of you. She is a force to be reckoned with and her wisdom is pure gold! Her story is all about taking the messy parts of our life and turning it into a powerful MESSage to help other people heal. 

Bek Antonucci is an Emotional-Wellbeing Coach for women. Bek supports women to break through ineffective self-worth and body image stories, break free from shame and heal from past developmental and relational traumas to unlock their most authentic, expressed, confident, and accepting yourself.

Bek uses various holistic and intuitive modalities including trauma therapy, somatic therapy, NLP, inner-child work, nervous system regulation, body Image healing, sexuality & sexual health, forgiveness practices, embodiment practices, and more. Bek supports women to learn to accept, honor, and own their vulnerabilities.

When working with Bek, you will embark on a journey of deep inner-transformation and come to a place of true self-acceptance.

Bek is a free thinker, embodied female thought leader, stigma fighter, public speaker, workshop mentor, “Raw, Real & Vulnerable” podcast host, and founder of the online group program “True Transformation”.


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