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EP45- What is the REAL Difference between Therapy & Coaching

January 23, 2023 Becky Janeway
Wake up and Thrive
EP45- What is the REAL Difference between Therapy & Coaching
Show Notes

Coaching and Therapy are two professions I, personally, think everyone should experience. I always say everyone should have both a personal coach and therapist for life. They are both necessary AND both have different goals and strengths. I get asked the question all the time what is the biggest difference between coaching and therapy? So today I am answering all the things related to this topic!

I can't think of someone better to dig into this question then my guest, Becky Janeway, who has practiced as a Marriage and Family Therapist. for many years and is now in the coaching space for women. Check out her bio below and tune in for an amazing conversation!

Becky believes that every woman is perfectly and divinely designed. She believes every woman has a beautiful, powerful, and purposeful role in this life. She is passionate about empowering women to embody these truths and step into their freedom. She has been married for 18 years, has two daughters who she homeschools, and is an outdoor enthusiast. She has worked actively as a Marriage and Family Therapist for over a decade. After experiencing breakthrough in my own life coaching experience, I decided to shift gears and step into coaching realm and haven't looked back. l experience with trauma and healing uniquely qualify her to champion women in her role as a life coach. Discover and embrace your perfect, divine design. Step into your calling. Link arms with a partner who will meet you with compassion and grace and believes fiercely in your ability to rise, to heal, and to change the world

You can find Beck on Instagram @becky_janeway


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