Wake up and Thrive

Ep 21 ~ How to have Hard Conversations

May 16, 2022
Wake up and Thrive
Ep 21 ~ How to have Hard Conversations
Show Notes

Hard conversations can be so uncomfortable, and it can also be a very healing moment for you and the other person. So often we use these conversations to prove our point, defend our actions, or attack the other person. What if hard conversations were simply a way to understand one another more deeply? With the right tools, these conversations do not have to cause more disconnection. In fact, it is my experience that when approached in this way these conversations can actually bring you closer to other people and at the very least to yourself for how you showed up.

Listen in to this week's episode if you struggle to have conversations that can get heated, if you struggle to speak your truth, or maybe you struggle to really listen to someone else's experience without getting defensive. This episode is for you. I share four steps you can start practicing so that truly you can be comfortable having any conversation from this moment on.

If you have someone in your life that you really struggle to speak up to and it is causing resentment or anger to build up, coaching can be a powerful resource for you! If I didn't have coaches in my life supporting me, holding me accountable for my role, and teaching me to share my truth from a place of love I would not have the amazing relationships I have today!

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