Wake up and Thrive

Ep20- Mother's Day Tribute

May 09, 2022 Episode 20
Wake up and Thrive
Ep20- Mother's Day Tribute
Show Notes

 I am so excited to bring this special episode today. This is a tribute to my mamma and to our relationship. It is one that I think many of you will be able to relate to with an ending that many hope for. My mom and I have such an amazing relationship today but it wasn't always that way. I was her challenging child because I challenged EVERYTHING, which I now see as one of my gifts:) 

I am so grateful that our relationship didn't stay challenging. It grew and morphed as we both did our own work into now one of my most prized relationships. She is my mentor and one of my best friends. I know this story will bring hope, tears, and maybe even some laughter to your heart. Our journeys as imperfect moms are perfect, whole, but not yet complete. Our journey is part of our children's and one doesn't work without the other. So, embrace it, lean in, and just keep SHOWING UP!

If you struggle in your relationship with your mom I want you to know that you do not have to settle for your current experience. Forgiveness, growth, and restoration is available to all of us no matter what your circumstance is. If you want support around creating a different experience with your mom, your mother-in law, or another motherly figure in your life I would love to support you around this.

These tools that I have learned and now teach have changed so much of my relationship with my own mom, as well as my clients' and their moms. Some of my favorite changes include:

  • The ability to give honest feedback without getting offended. 
  • Letting the other person have their own experience without trying to change it.
  • Forgiving faster and loving harder
  • Showing up authentically and having honest conversations. 
  • Feeling safe enough to truly be ourselves.

If you want this, let me show you some steps to take today to start down this path.
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