Wake up and Thrive

Episode 16- What is a Coaches Role?

April 11, 2022 Episode 16
Wake up and Thrive
Episode 16- What is a Coaches Role?
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what a coach actually does? I want to share my experience to highlight why I believe coaching can be life changing. 

Coaching is a booming market but has also become over-saturated because anyone and everyone can call themselves a coach. However, not everyone can deliver a true transformational coaching experience. There is an art to coaching that must be taught by formal training and/or by investing in your own coach. Really good coaches are also doing their own work and have experienced the power of coaching as a client first.

Even though it is an unregulated field, coaching is able to provide a safe and transformational e experience for a client. And that is why people invest in coaching! They want results; they want to get from point A to B, and coaching helps collapse time in that process.  Coaches help clients get results by asking powerful questions and mastering two prominent skills that I discuss in this episode.

Coaches do not have all of the answers for your life, but a good coach can help you discover your own.  Take a listen and discover if coaching is something that can support you in your life. 

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